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Does My Mercedes-Benz Have Equity?

Do you have equity in your vehicle and you're not sure what to do with it?

Anthony Polvinale, Sales Consultant, Bud Smail Motorcars

3 Things You Can Do With Equity
  1. Keep your vehicle - if you love your car, you can hang on to it and purchase additional vehicle
  2. Trade your vehicle in - bring it by one of our stores and our professional appraisal team will be sure to give you what your car is worth. This gives you a great opportunity to apply the equity towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Your car will never be worth more than it is today. Cars depreciate in value over time, so today gets you top dollar. Also save additional tax when your trade in value is deducted from new vehicle sale price.
  3. Use equity as cash - you can potentially get a check back.
The most important thing to remember is your vehicle is worth the most it will ever be, today, because vehicles depreciate over time. So, you want to take advantage of that and get the most money you can towards the purchase of the new vehicle.

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