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Mercedes ME Connect

Mercedes Me Connect lets you access your vehicle from the palm of your hand!

Mercedes Me is the digital extension of your Mercedes-Benz, whether you’re starting the engine, getting customer support, or checking your fuel, Mercedes Me Connect makes it that much easier.

Through the Mercedes Me app you can access your vehicle in many different ways including, starting your engine from anywhere, remotely locking and unlocking the doors, locating your vehicle, and getting important vehicle information such as mileage, fuel level, and tire pressure.

Mercedes Me Connect Store

All of these helpful features, along with many others, can be found in the Mercedes Me Connect Store.

The Mercedes Me Store allows you to purchase digital products and packages that are available for your Mercedes-Benz. It features product offerings and digital upgrades including;

  • Live Traffic ($50/yr) – Modifies your route automatically by reference to current traffic information
  • Remote Engine Start ($35/yr) – Start your vehicle via the Mercedes Me Connect app
  • Dash Cam ($200) – Records parts of your trip using technology already in your Mercedes

Steps for purchase:

  1. Go to
  2. Log-in with your Mercedes Me Connect account
  3. Browse products and add to cart
  4. Check out
  5. Accept Terms of Use
  6. Services will automatically be extended or activated shortly after purchase

Available in the Mercedes Me Connect Store*

Vehicle Setup – $15 Annual Fee (4 me connect services)

  • Connected with your Mercedes-Benz: use the app to display key data and control practical functions.
    • See live vehicle status information, e.g. for fuel level or tire pressure via smartphone
    • Save profiles in the vehicle with personalization options
    • Remote locking and unlocking of doors
    • Notification by smartphone when interior or exterior vehicle alarms are active (only available on certain models please refer to Overview of Services on

Remote Engine Start – $35 Annual Fee (1 me connect service)

  • Remotely start your engine for 10 minutes at a time with the Mercedes me connect app.
    • Remote engine start via the Mercedes me connect App
    • Activation of the most recently used climate control settings
    • Engine shut-off after ten minutes
    • Display of current temperature inside vehicle and remaining time in Mercedes me connect App

Remote & Navigation Services – $45 Annual Fee (3 me connect services)

  • All you need to make electric driving and charging simple and convenient.
    • See current electrical range at a glance on the map
    • Call up charging status and program pre-entry climate control
    • Know and navigate to charging stations near your vehicle

Live Traffic Information – $50 Annual Fee (2 me connect services)

  • Getting you quickly and safely to your destination: traffic data in real time on the navigation system – for optimized dynamic route guidance.
    • Dynamic route guidance based on real-time traffic data for shorter journey times
    • Detailed information on alternative routes and arrival times
    • Timely warning of danger spots thanks to information from the connected network

Online Map Update – $40 Annual Fee (1 me connect service)

  • Always on track and fully updated: The Online Map Update automatically updates your navigation data.
    • Automatic updating
    • Access to up-to-date navigation data
    • Updating of individual map regions via mobile network
    • Convenient updating of maps for all countries by downloading from the Mercedes me connect Portal

Navigation Services – $30 Annual Fee (4 me connect services)

  • The best orientation on every journey: You will effortlessly find your way with the Navigation Services.
    • View parking options at your destination (based on availability)
    • Overview of current weather situation on the map
    • Request weather information and forecasts on the multimedia display
    • Navigate straight to points of interest at any location

Mercedes-Benz Navigation – $550 One-Time Fee (on-demand feature)

  • For a fast and safe arrival: latest-generation Mercedes-Benz Navigation
    • Revolutionary voice control with natural speech recognition
    • Faster arrival with real-time Live Traffic Information and dynamic route guidance
    • Car-to-X Communication for information about accidents, roadworks or weather hazards

AMG® TRACK PACE – $250 One-Time Fee (on-demand feature)

  • Your personal racing engineer: measure your performance and move up a gear.
    • Precise recording of acceleration times (e.g. from 0 to 60 miles per hour) to a tenth of a second
    • Measurement of lap and sector times on known or self-defined race tracks
    • Visualization of racing performance on multimedia display and Head-up Display
    • View racing parameters and video recordings on the multimedia display
    • Create and save separate driver profiles

Mercedes me Charge – $80 Annual Fee (1 me connect service)

  • Simple charging with cost transparency.
    • Link your Mercedes me connect account and charge up immediately using any of the providers in the Mercedes me Charge charging network
    • Full transparency: check fees at a glance prior to charging
    • Digital, central billing after charging is complete
    • Keep an eye on all costs: view charging history and payments on the Mercedes me Charge Dashboard

Vehicle Monitoring – $15 Annual Fee (3 me connect services)

  • Everything under control: Know where your vehicle is parked or on the move.
    • Location of your vehicle by smartphone
    • Display of your vehicle’s most recent parked position within a radius of 1 mile
    • Notification of vehicle movements when using a valet parking service

Stolen Vehicle Assistance – $25 Annual Fee (1 me connect service)

  • Supporting local enforcement with vehicle theft cases.
    • Using Mercedes me connect to assist in stolen vehicle cases
    • Providing updates of the vehicle position data to local law enforcement

Note: After you have placed you order it may take several hours until you are able to use your digital product
*The usable package scope may vary, depending on your vehicle’s equipment.
*Some Models may not be eligible for some or any of these products if you have any issues please contact your sales consultant to assist you.

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