2021 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250 vs. 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250

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2021 Mercedes GLA vs 2020 Mercedes GLB

The 2021 GLA 250 and the 2020 GLB 250 are both part of the Mercedes-Benz luxury subcompact SUV segment and you may be wondering, what’s the difference? Well, MotorTrend has compared and contrasted the two models in their subcompact SUV comparison test.

Drive Performance

The GLA 250 and GLB 250 are both powered by the same 221-hp 2.0-liter turbo engine paired to an 8-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission. Because the GLB is bigger than the GLA, the engine struggles when going uphill compared to the GLA.

The GLB can go from 0mph to 60mph in 7.2 seconds while the larger GLB takes about 7.6 seconds.

When sitting on the inside, the GLB feels more SUV-like because of its larger build compared to the GLA.

Although the GLB is larger than the GLA, they are the smallest SUVs in the Mercedes-Benz line-up and are described as feeling more like hatchbacks. The low roofline and sedan-like seating position amplify the compact feeling when sitting inside of these vehicles.

MotorTrend evaluators also say the GLA has less interior noise (wind buffering, road noise, and tire roar) than the GLB.


2020 Mercedes GLB Rear Seating

The GLB offers a generous amount of head and leg room in both the front and back seats, there is even room for an optional third row of seating. The boxy shape of the GLB enhances its usability and allows for a two-level cargo floor for even more flexibility.

The GLA’s cargo capacity is significantly smaller than the GLB, even with the rear seats folded down but it also offers a two-level cargo floor.

Both the GLA and GLB are equipped with modern and trendy interior cabins. They both feature ambient lighting and a sporty interior that pleases the senses.

Tech Features

2021 Mercedes GLA 250 infotainment system

All of the latest Mercedes vehicles use the MBUX interface which features dual displays; 7-inch screens as standard and 10.3-inch optional screens. MBUX also features a Siri-like virtual voice assistant that can be activated with the ‘Hey Mercedes’ command.

A few basic collision prevention technologies come standard on the two vehicles including Forward Collision Warning. Blind Spot Monitoring, and Front Automatic Emergency Braking. To get all of the available features, the Driver Assistance package needs to be added.


Although the GLA and the GLB differ, they both cater to similar customers. Depending on that customer’s lifestyle and preferences in a vehicle, one could have more leverage over the other when their slight differences are taken into account.

From MotorTrend’s perspective, the improvements on the second-generation GLA outshine the GLB; not to take away from the fact that the GLB offers more interior space and the same amount of technology.

The GLA offers more agreeable road manners, better drive quality – thanks to its smaller build – and enough practicality to make it usable for the everyday driver.

Read MotorTrend’s full comparison here.

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